15 June 2010

Where are we?
Some Photos of our farm


Some of my old published articles are here and also linked below, one by one.

  • Farming on the South Coast of South Island NZ
    • It's OCEANIC but rewarding, especially adding lots of wonderful visitors into the Mix.
  • Local Wildlife and places of interest
  • Family matters
    • My genealogy program is Brother's Keeper and it has over 7000 names, thanks to Jim Thwaites lifetime of work. I am adding district names wherever there is a connection.
  • Travel
    • Who needs to travel now, with the Internet one can see the world! besides I have to stay at home and learn how to make a website!
  • Interesting People who have stayed in the Garden House
    • Lots!
  • My NZ Herald and Southland Times occasional articles from long ago:



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